As a scholar, Dr. Pauly’s guiding interests reside in organizational communication, gender studies, and social change. Her recent research projects focus on feminist mentoring, student educational identities and religious feminist organizing.



Lafayette, Indiana, May 2018

Ph.D. in Organizational Communication, Advisor: Patrice Buzzanell (University of South Florida)


Lawrence, Kansas, May 2014

MA in Communication Studies, Advisor: Suzy D’Enbeau (Kent State University), Tracy Russo (University of Kansas)


Lincoln, Nebraska, May 2007

BA in Communication Studies, Minor in Spanish Advisor: Karla Jensen



Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)| Utah Valley University | Orem, UT 84058

Summer 2020 Faculty Grant Writing Program. Invited to participate in individual grant-writing work along with weekly seminar meetings with various OSP directors and staff members. Tasks included: identifying a project; finding a funding source; initiating and completing a grant application (June 2020-September 2020).

Department of Communication | Utah Valley University | Orem, UT 84058

Understanding Students’ Educational Experiences. Worked as co-PI with Dr. Stevie Munz and a team of undergraduate communication researchers to study UVU students’ educational experiences by focusing on intersections of identity. Tasks included: writing interview protocol and designing survey questionnaires; hiring, managing, and training a team of undergraduate researchers to conduct interviews and collect survey data; mentoring undergraduate researchers in the process of writing and presenting academic research; analyzing 500+ survey responses and 100+ interviews (January 2019-May 2020).

Brian Lamb School of Communication | Purdue University | Lafayette, IN 47907

Purdue Peace Project. Worked as a research assistant, traveling to West Africa to aid and assist local efforts in bringing about peaceful solutions to prevent political violence. Tasks included: researching local news in West Africa; communicating regularly with the West Africa Program Manager about eight current projects; developing data collection plans; collecting data in West Africa; analyzing data; writing research and technical reports; presenting PPP work at conferences (August 2015-May 2018).

College of Engineering | Purdue University | Lafayette, IN 47907

Faculty Learning Communities. Worked in a research team with three other graduate students, Professor Patrice Buzzanell, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Klod Kokini, to assess effectiveness of new engineering faculty learning program. Tasks included: building a list of eligible faculty members fit for the study; developing and distributing surveys to faculty; designing and conducting interviews with faculty members; analyzing data; writing research papers (September 2014-May 2017).

Brian Lamb School of Communication | Purdue University | Lafayette, IN 47907

America’s Best Communities Project. Worked as a project manager with Professor Patrice Buzzanell and Professor Steven Wilson to develop, organize, and facilitate focus group events with children in grades first through third to inform a community proposal for a national contest. Tasks included: developing promotional materials to send to local schools and share within the community; developing activities to engage children during the focus groups; organizing and managing other graduate students as they assisted in focus group events; guiding focus groups/collecting data; analyzing data (August 2015-December 2015).

Center for Civic and Social Responsibility | University of Kansas | Lawrence, KS 66045

Lawrence Douglas County Health Department. Developed and conducted focus groups and interviews for Project LIVELY to enhance and refresh current marketing materials. (September 2013-November 2013).


  • Intercultural Communication Encounters (COMM 319G)
  • International Business Communication (COMM 332G)
  • Intercultural Research & Consulting (COMM 350R)
  • Internships (COMM 481R)
  • Communication Capstone (COMM 4930)
  • Organizational Culture and Communication (COMM 4170)
  • Gender and Communication (COMM 207G)
  • Organizational Communication (COMM 2400)
  • Research Methods (COMM 3020)
  • Communication Theory (COMM 3050)
  • Advanced Group Communication (COMM 4120)
  • Small Group Communication (COMM 320)
  • Fundamentals of Speech Communication (COMM 114)


2021 Ethics Across the Curriculum Mini-Grant | The Center for the Study of Ethics | UVU | $1,500

Competitively selected award to support the development of COMM 2400: Organizational Communication. Funding supports work to enhance ethics content in the course.

2019 Undergraduate Research Summer Institute Grant | Office of Engaged Learning | UVU | $9,025

Co-wrote a competitively selected award to support research on UVU students’ educational experiences. Funding supported continued work on UVU students’ educational experiences. 

2019 Instructional Development Grant | Faculty Senate Faculty Development Committee | UVU | $500

Competitively selected award to support purchase and use of an online simulation game in teaching Advanced Small Group Communication (COMM 4120).

2018 GEL SEED Grant | Office of Engaged Learning | UVU | $30,000

Competitively selected award to support a new project on student educational experiences. The GEL SEED grant provides funding for a two year period of time, covering costs associated with paying undergraduate research assistants, data collection and analysis, etc.

2017 PRF Research Grant 2017-2018 | The Graduate School | Purdue University | $17,645

Competitively selected award to support dissertation research. The PRF Research Grant provides an annual salary equivalent to half-time funding for graduate students.

2016 PROMISE Award | College of Liberal Arts | Purdue University | $419.21

Competitively selected award to support early dissertation research with Nuns on the Bus. Funding supported my travels as I attended eight events with Nuns on the Bus in four different Midwestern states...

2016 Purdue Graduate Student Government Professional Grant | Purdue University | $700

Competitively selected award to support attendance at a non-academic conference pertaining to my research interests. The Women Deliver conference is the world’s largest global conference on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women..

2015 Global Synergy Research Grant | College of Liberal Arts | Purdue University | $7,152.50

Co-wrote a competitively selected award to support research on the perceptions and experiences of corporate volunteering and CSR in three different countries (Denmark, Slovenia, and the United States). Funding supported travel, transcription, and materials needed to conduct interviews..

2012 Service Learning Research Grant | Center for Service Learning | University of Kansas | $275

Requested and received funding for service-learning research. Funding supported transcription of focus groups..


National Communication Association (2013-2022)

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender (2012-2018)